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St. George the Legendary Martyr

Today is the Feast Day of St. George, patron of seemingly innumerable places, people, and professions. But his most storied legacy seems to be that of "dragon slayer." Jared Zimmerer takes a look at the legend of St. George, and finds why the lore of this mighty deed has been such a lasting one.

Why Christian Higher Education Still Matters

There is a growing debate regarding the viability and need of higher education today. But Chris Hazell argues that a Christian liberal arts education can lead a student to a better understanding of what they need to truly thrive in the world.

Two Healings, One Bridge

Today, Elizabeth Scalia reflects upon two of Christ's healings, which reveal a bridge between justice and mercy, the law and the sacraments, and the Old and New Covenants.

Do We Have Any Information on Jesus' Life Before His Public Ministry?

“Lincoln in the Bardo” and the Last Things

Today, Peggy Pandaleon discusses George Saunders’ bestselling book, “Lincoln in the Bardo,” and the ways in which it unveils deeper mysteries than expected.

You Want It Darker

“You Want It Darker,” one of Leonard Cohen’s final songs, is a work of raw, shocking honesty, a protest in the face of the dark night of evil. Today, Dr. Tom Neal reflects on the Old Testament dimensions of this great poet’s lament and surrender to God.

Date Differently: "The Dating Project" Gets Back to the Basics of Romance

Dating... it's not what it used to be. Father Dave sits down with Megan Harrington, producer of the new documentary "The Dating Project," and Chris Meehan, who appears in the movie. The film follows five single people as they try to find meaningful romantic relationships in the midst of a hookup culture. Megan and Chris share how this project is necessary to start a conversation about getting back to the basics of dating. Original Air 3-20-18

“The Flash,” Fear, and the Kenosis of Marriage

Today, Rachel Bulman discusses how the hit show “The Flash” reveals a truth of the human condition and how the act of self-emptying, exemplified in marriage, brings light into the darkness we all experience.

Our Utilitarian Utopia

Some sources have said that within twenty years, fifty percent of today’s jobs will be handled by non-human workers. But Chris Hazell argues that while concern over the rise of a robotic workforce is reasonable, there is a deeper cultural issue at hand.

The Unsoundness of Silencing Hate

During Mark Zuckerberg’s recent testimony before Congress, it emerged that Facebook will soon have artificial intelligence programming in place that can identify and delete hate speech before it is even published. But silencing hate, Elizabeth Scalia argues, is not truly doing battle against it.