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Rembrandt and the Queen of Heaven

Today, as we celebrate the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Joe Heschmeyer offers a reflection on the image that our Lady reflects and bears as the Queen of Heaven.

God Loves Me More … For You

Love is willing the good of the other, as other. Today, Dr. Tom Neal offers a reflection on why the nature of love is a profound calling to give everything we have away.

Why Do We Call Mary 'the Mother of God'?

With the help of Busted Halo intern Larissa, Father Dave answers a question of faith from a listener asking why we call Mary "the Mother of God." Didn't God create Mary? Father Dave explains why we use this title for Mary. (Original Air 10-25-17)

Why Do We Say I Have 'Gravely' Sinned?

A caller wonders why we say the line "I have gravely sinned" during the part of the Mass known as the Confiteor. If a person is not in a state of mortal sin, isn't that line technically untrue? Father Dave explains why we say the Confiteor right before we receive The Eucharist. (Original Air 10-25-17)

How Should I Pray During Adoration?

A listener wonders how she should pray when she is in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and asks if there are special prayers she should say, or specific rituals she should do. Father Dave and Christina share some helpful tips for a prayerful adoration. (Original Air 10-24-17)

The Message of the First World Day of the Poor

This coming Sunday marks the first World Day of the Poor called by Pope Francis. Fr. Billy Swan offers a reflection on the message all Christians need to consider in light of this momentous occasion.

Is C.S Lewis’ Trilemma a Good Argument for the Divinity of Christ?

Is Jesus God? C.S. Lewis wrestled with this question through his famous Trilemma, and today, Matt Nelson dives into his arguments for Christ to indeed be God Incarnate.

I'm Pregnant, Does My Baby Also Receive Communion?

A pregnant woman asks Father Dave if her unborn baby also receives Communion. Father Dave explains the teachings behind receiving The Eucharist. (Original Air 10-18-17)

Why Does a Priest Only Pour Water Into One Chalice?

Father Dave gets a call from a man wondering about the mixing of water and wine. His new parish priest consecrates the Blood of Christ differently than their old priest, who would pour a drop of water into each chalice. (Original Air 10-17-17)

St. Albert the Professor

Today marks the Feast of St. Albert the Great, who is remembered as a Doctor of the Church. Br. Edmund McCullough explores two traits that elevated this genius to sainthood: his detachment from accolades and his staunch commitment to the truth.