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Broken Signpost

God has designed his rescue plan in such a way that he refuses to bypass the disaster we have created.

Julianna Zobrist on Confidence and Courage

Singer, speaker, and author Julianna Zobrist stops by the studio to discuss her new book, “Pull it Off: Removing Your Fears and Putting on Confidence.” She chats with Father Dave about how to grow in confidence, exercise our courage, and be free to be the people God has created us to be. Original Air 9-17-18

Why Do People Still Love Angels?

Angels still fascinate the modern mind.

40 Days for Life

Shawn Carney, president and CEO of the pro-life advocacy group 40 Days for Life, stops by the studio to discuss the organization's work and how it has changed lives. He explains how he was inspired to start 40 Days for Life, and God's hand in all of it. 9-13-18

The Word on Fire Institute Is Now Open!

We want to formally invite you to join the Word on Fire Institute, a new online community for training modern evangelists to effectively proclaim Christ to the culture.

What to Expect as a Member of the Word on Fire Institute

We're almost there!

What Does the Church Think About the Charismatic Renewal?

A listener named Beth asks about the Charismatic movement in the Catholic Church. Father Dave explains that the Church does not have any official teaching on the Charismatic Renewal. It is not suppressed by the Church, but we do not see it as often because it's not the mainstream form of prayer and worship in many Catholic communities, and also because it has ties to certain cultures. Original Air 9-06-18

The Best Lesson Ratzinger Ever Taught Me

Pope Benedict XVI had a way of talking about love that was open and free.

What is the Book of Life?

Julie emails the show and asks a question about the Book of Life, which has been discussed a few times in her apologetics class. Father Dave explains that we see references to the Book of Life in the Book of Revelation, but that a lot of the Book of Revelation uses metaphorical language and symbolism, which makes it difficult to conclude that there is an actual book that gets one into Heaven. Original Air 9-13-18

Can You Skip Purgatory If You Receive Anointing of the Sick Before Death?

A listener named Kathy calls into the show and asks, "Are we able to skip purgatory if we receive the Anointing of the Sick before death?" Kathy shares that she was taught this, and Father Dave explains that it's actually incorrect. He says that while our sins are forgiven by God, we still owe temporal punishment to purify ourselves. Original Air 9-18-18