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Can I Receive Communion at a Different Church?

A caller named MJ shares that she recently attended a service at her fiancé’s Methodist church. She did not participate in the church's communion, and wonders if this was the right thing to do. Father Dave explains that the Catholic Church prefers that we do not receive communion in other denominations that are not in communion with us. It is a sin to do so, because this action sends a message that we believe the same thing. Father Dave explains that there is nothing wrong with attending this service, and it is a good way to be in community with those of other faith backgrounds. Original Air 5-08-18

Why Aren't We Required to Receive Both Body and Blood?

A caller explains that her Lutheran husband doesn't understand why Catholics believe Jesus is fully present in both the bread and the wine, yet we do not have to receive both species. She asks Father Dave how the Host is not solely Christ's flesh and the wine not solely His blood. Father Dave explains the principal of concomitance, which explains that transubstantiation changes the inner substance into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ. Original Air 4-19-18

Living Our Faith in a Modern World

Lauren Green, Chief Religion Correspondent for Fox News, talks with Father Dave about her new book, "Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog." Lauren discusses old philosophical and theological principles and applies them to our modern lives. Original Air 4-23-18

Met Gala: 'Fashion and the Catholic Imagination'

Carrie Barratt, Deputy Director for Collections for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, stops by the show to discuss this year's MET Gala theme, "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination." Barratt explains how the exhibit came to be, and talks about some items in the collection, such as papal vestments from the Sistine Chapel Sacristy that have never before left the Vatican. Original Air 5-01-18

What Does the Church Teach About Suicide?

A caller shares that her cousin recently died by suicide, and asks what the Church teaches about whether or not victims of suicide go to Heaven. Father Dave explains that the Church does not teach that all people who die this way go to Hell. Although our lives are not ours to dispose of, the Catechism assures us of God's mercy. Original Air 4-12-18

Are Sacraments Valid if a Priest Is in a State of Mortal Sin?

A caller named Mona asks, "Are the Sacraments and Mass valid if a priest is in a state of mortal sin?" Father Dave answers that yes, as long as the priest is validly ordained and uses the proper matter and form during the Mass, Sacraments are valid, even if the priest is not in a state of grace. He explains the difference between licit and valid, and points out that the priest should not celebrate Mass while in the state of mortal sin, but if he does, it affects him personally, but does not affect the rest of us. Original Air 8-30-17

Who Is the Beloved Disciple in the Gospels?

A caller named Mike asks, "Who is the 'beloved' disciple mentioned in the Gospels?" Father Dave points out that the mention of the beloved disciple only occurs in the Gospel of John, and the phrase refers to the Apostle John. It's possible that this phrase is used as a statement of humility, in not wanting to name himself. Original Air 4-10-18

How Do We Keep Track of Apostolic Succession?

A listener named Mike asks about records of apostolic succession and the laying on of hands by the bishops. Father Dave explains that there are websites that keep track of ordinations tracing back to the 1500s; however, we do not have much information before that. Father Dave points out that the Holy Spirit has been keeping apostolic succession together all these years, and in the Acts of the Apostles when the Sanhedrin wanted to kill Peter and the apostles, Gamaliel proclaims that if Christianity was man-made it would not last, but if it is from God no one will be able to destroy it. Original Air 5-10-16

Alfie Evans and Issues of Life

Dr. Charlie Camosy, professor, author, and friend of the show, joins us to discuss important ethical issues such as abortion, artificial intelligence, and the current case surrounding terminally ill toddler Alfie Evans. Father Dave and Dr. Camosy share a Catholic perspective on the Alfie Evans case, and discuss Pope Francis' role in this situation. Original air 4-19-18

Do We Have Any Information on Jesus' Life Before His Public Ministry?