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Beholding Beauty: Giordano’s Agony in the Garden

There is no event in world history that has left a more profound or influential impression on the heart of humanity than the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. His Paschal Mystery stands as the definitive moment of all time inspiring countless artistic expression all of which hope in to manifest and understand the Paschal Mystery. Artists of every age have sought to convey the ineffable drama of man before God, and Luca Giordano is no different. Born in the year 1632 amidst the cultural flourishing of Naples, this young Italian painter quickly found himself immersed in the realm of sacred art. By the age of sixteen, his prowess came into full-swing. Luca began creating stunning oil-based paintings depicting the life of Christ. One of his most beautiful and well-known works portrays Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. In this particular portrait, we find Jesus in the very moment…

Does Watching Mass on TV Fulfill My Sunday Obligation?

What We Must Not Forget About Lent

Lent is the black and crippling walk to the cross—but that’s not where it ends.

Christians Need to Recover Fasting: Reorientation

So much has happened in our country lately that has been quite disorienting. Notably, New York legislated the country’s most aggressive abortion bill that viciously attacks the unborn. Internet assumptions, uncharity, and scapegoating characterized the incident between the Covington Catholic teens and Nathan Phillips. The government continues to show its disunity as it remains obstinately divided over many issues, including immigration and the southern border. And in the Church, the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report and McCarrick scandals have shed and re-shed light on some dark corners within the Church. Much has been disorienting. When the news of the scandals broke out, a number of seminarians and priests in my diocese began a time of intentional prayer, fasting, and penance. Increasingly desperate times call for increasingly desperate, or rather heroic, measures…   For three months, two of my classmates and myself gave up alcohol, prayed a daily Divine Mercy chaplet, intentionally set aside…

The Stark Choice Before Us: Everything or Nothing At All

All around us is a great battle between the True God and an authentic Nothing, where there is no life.

[VIDEO] Why Lent? Bishop Barron Explains

Why Lent? What does it all mean?

Everyone: Please Stop Praying to the Universe

The universe is a creation, not a Creator.

Suffering, Group Fitness, and Unity

There’s something about moving together that allows our hearts to open up a bit more.

The Martyrs of Florida

The impetus behind the founding of Florida was a legitimate desire for evangelization.

Yes, the Stars Actually Do Tell Us About Ourselves!

The stars in the heavens teach us about our smallness, our greatness, and our Eucharistic mission to the world.