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Churching Robert Frost

In his book The Machine and the Garden the social and political philosopher Leo Marx describes the cultural dynamics of the United States as an outgrowth of the pastoral tendencies of the Western mind.  Beginning with the Greeks, the romanticism of nature has resonated deeply in Western culture.  While taking many different forms, this theme has always evoked a longing for harmony – a return to nature that can alleviate the burden of man-made sufferings.  It was the Roman poet Virgil who first placed this theme in political context, defining the “middle landscape” as that balance-point between the corruption of the city and the savagery of the wilderness.  The pastoral wisdom of the middle landscape provided a check on the machinations of human society, holding the religious, social and political constructs of a given culture accountable to the natural, to the real. When the accumulated weight of human tragedy and…

St. John the Baptist and the Birth of a New Era

The birth of a child always represents both an end and a beginning.

Fatherly Advice About Gossip

What is considered gossip? What’s the difference between gossiping and just venting to a friend? In today’s podcast, a caller asking for some fatherly advice sparks a conversation about one of the most common sins.

Jason Evert

A Conversation About a New Documentary on the Emanuel Church Shooting

Father Dave discusses the power of forgiveness with Brian Ivie, Pastor Dimas Salaberrios, and Rose Simmons, all of whom were involved in the making of “Emanuel,” a documentary film about the 2015 shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Which Sacraments Can Only Be Done By a Priest?

In this segment from the Busted Halo Show, a listener asks a question about the Sacraments. “Which sacraments can only be done by a priest?” she asks. “By a deacon?” Father Dave explains “who can do what” when it comes to the seven sacraments.

Colleen Carroll Campbell

Father Dave interviews author, journalist, and former presidential speechwriter, Colleen Carroll Campbell, who discusses her newest book about the saints and perfectionism.

Fatherly Advice: How to Explain to My Husband Why We Suffer

Father Dave offers some fatherly advice to a caller asking an age-old question: Why would a good God allow us to suffer?

Brother Malachy's Journey of Faith

Father Dave talks with Brother Malachy, a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal and soon-to-be priest, about his life-changing encounter with God, which inspired him to become a friar who serves others.

What's the Point of Intercessory Prayer?

A caller named Mark asks Father Dave about intercession, which is something he doesn’t completely understand.