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How Do I Pray to Saints Without Worshipping Them?

A listener named Amanda asks, “How do I ask for a saint’s intercession without praying to them?” Amanda shares that she became Catholic a year ago and is still trying to understand how to pray to saints without it feeling like we are worshipping them. Father Dave explains the difference between intercession and worship. (Original Air 12-05-18)

Bishop Barron on Our Lady of Guadalupe

Bishop Barron reflects on Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Star of the New Evangelization, whose feast we celebrate today.

The Future of the Church?

The Church is a family, and a family cannot ignore what runs within its veins.

Advent and the Nature of the Church

Christ comes in history, in mystery, and in glory.

The Immaculate Conception: A Gift for You

Mary isn’t chosen because she’s so great; she’s so great because she’s chosen.

To Jesus Through Mary? Why Yes, and T’was Ever Thus!

Christ came to us through Mary’s own flesh and blood—and science tells us that a bit of his cellular being remained there.

Show Me the Father

For one mother pursuing a a facade of perfection, Eucharistic Adoration provided the truth.

Even This Cannot Stop True Love

We desire to love and be loved with a love that never ends.

"Box of Joy" Encourages Catholics to Give Back this Advent

Leanna Holmes, Development Officer for Cross Catholic Outreach, discusses Box of Joy – a charitable initiative providing for impoverished children around the world in the name of Christ. Leanna explains how the program works, how to get involved and her own experience with the organization. (Original Air 11-07-18)

Camping with Opinionists

In a time of outrage, it is the contemplative that stands out.