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Absorption of Shame

In the sacrament of Reconciliation, we receive much more than we could ever imagine.

There’s No Faith Like Rome’s

The Roman Catholic Church, with all of its unique beauty and history, continues to captivate, mystify, and allure.

Can We Still “Stick Together” When It Counts?

Is there anything left that can unite a divided America?

How Do We Explain Sacramentals Without Sounding Superstitious?

A listener named Sean calls into the show with a question for Father Dave about sacramentals. Sean isn’t Catholic and asks Father Dave how and why sacramentals, things such as Rosaries and medals, are not superstitious. Father Dave explains that sacramentals are meant to be tangible reminders of the Divine in our lives. Original Air 10-22-18

Where Is God? The Problem of Divine Hiddenness

If God is all-loving and all-powerful, why hasn’t he shown himself to the world?

Do Not Be Overcome by Evil, But Overcome Evil with Good

During these days of trial in the Church and the world, Christians must show to the world “the quality of mercy.”

Rabbi Brad on Jewish Holidays and Brett Kavanaugh

Friend of the show Rabbi Brad Hirschfield stops by to discuss upcoming Jewish holidays, Brett Kavanaugh, and Hurricane Michael, and how we can turn to God amidst everything happening in our world. Original Air 10-11-18

Karol Wojtyła and the Rhapsodic Theater

The theater wasn’t a physical building but an act of artistic resistance to the Communist occupation of Poland.

Preparing for Battle: 7 Tips from St. Paul on Evangelization

How do we ensure that we’re properly “armed” for any sort of question, discussion, or argument about the faith?

Catherine of Siena Did Not Fret, Nor Should We

Catholics need to stop fretting and remember that the Church instituted by Christ will never die.