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Why Does the Bible Distinguish Between Jesus and the Jews If Jesus Was Jewish?

Jamie emails the show and asks about the Bible's distinction between Jesus and the Jews. Father Dave explains that we see this particularly in the Gospel of John. John almost always places the phrase "the Jews" in quotes. Father Dave explains that this is not in reference to all Jewish people, but rather the Jewish people in power that were after Jesus, such as the Pharisees. Original Air 4-04-17

How Can I Follow Along With Mass in a Different Language?

A listener named Jim asks, “How do I follow along at Mass in a different language?” Jim is currently living in St. Croix and helping with hurricane relief, and Mass is celebrated in Spanish. He has a hard time following along, and it bothers him that he doesn’t leave church with a message. Father Dave suggests going over the readings before Mass so that he can be more familiar with what is being discussed, and listening to homilies from English-speaking priests online. He also points out that while the language barrier can be tough, the real reason we are there is for the Eucharist. Original Air 4-25-18

My Priest Walked Out During Confession -- Does It Count?

A listener named Michael calls into the show and shares that when he recently went to Confession, the priest gave him absolution before he even confessed his sins and then left. Michael asks Father Dave if his Confession was valid. Father Dave explains that even though he didn't get the opportunity to confess his sins, the absolution still counts because the proper matter and form (what make up a Sacrament) were present. Original Air 3-14-18

When Is the Exact Moment a Man Becomes a Priest?

A listener named Carl asks, “During an ordination, when is the exact moment that a deacon becomes a priest?” Father Dave explains that this occurs during the time when the bishop lays his hands on the heads of those being ordained, and when the ordination prayer is prayed. Original Air 5-17-18

How the Nomi Network Fights Human Trafficking

Diana Mao, President and Co-Founder of Nomi Network discusses the work her organization does to fight human trafficking. Diana talks about how Nomi Network started, shares stories of the women impacted by the organization, and explains how others can get involved. Original Air 5-14-18

What Does the Church Teach About the Death Penalty?

A caller named Carlos asks, "What does the Church teach about the death penalty?" Carlos believes that in order to be fully pro-life, we must not support the death penalty. Father Dave explains that the Catechism is clear that the death penalty in our modern world should be nonexistent. We should be merciful and respect the dignity of every human person. Original Air 5-8-18

Are We Supposed to Take Communion From Eucharistic Ministers?

A caller named Alesia asks, "Is it true that we should only receive Communion from a priest or a deacon?" Father Dave points out that the practice of Eucharistic Ministers was approved by Vatican II. He explains that it would be wrong to say that someone cannot receive the Eucharist from a Eucharistic minister. Original Air 5-8-18

How to Be a Disciple

Author, professor, and friend of the show, Dr. Edward Sri discusses his new book, "Into His Likeness: Be Transformed as a Disciple of Christ." He explains how the modern person can live as a disciple by focusing on the four pillars of prayer, fellowship, the Sacraments, and the teachings of Christ. Original Air 4-10-18

How Did Noah Fit All of the Animals on the Ark?

A caller named Deanna follows up on young boy's question about how Noah was able to fit all of the animals on the ark. Father Dave explained that it was not Noah, but God who fit the animals on the ark. Deanna shares that in RCIA she was taught that the story of Noah was not literal, but an allegory. Father Dave explains that the writers use hyperbole and we don't have to take the story literally, but that Church also does not state that we are not supposed to take it literally. Original Air 4-18-18

Can I Receive Communion at a Different Church?

A caller named MJ shares that she recently attended a service at her fiancé’s Methodist church. She did not participate in the church's communion, and wonders if this was the right thing to do. Father Dave explains that the Catholic Church prefers that we do not receive communion in other denominations that are not in communion with us. It is a sin to do so, because this action sends a message that we believe the same thing. Father Dave explains that there is nothing wrong with attending this service, and it is a good way to be in community with those of other faith backgrounds. Original Air 5-08-18